What's in Store - 6/9/19

Summer greetings,

We have a very important Scout event approaching soon on July 4th. Our Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop assist the Lions Club with the community Pancake Breakfast before the 4th of July parade. This is a very fun event and it also represents what we teach in scouting, supporting our community through service.

The Lions Club is our Pack Charter sponsor and they have been doing the Pancake breakfast for as many years as I've been in Steamboat. Recently, the Pack and the Troop have been doing a great job helping Lions with this event. The Lions club is so appreciative of our efforts that they have made us partners in the event, sharing in the financial benefits. It is very important for us to hold up our end by supporting them with volunteers to make this community event a success every year.

We need our Pack to show support by having Scouts and parents come help in any way possible as long as possible. There are early shifts starting at 5:30-6 am setting up. We will need people helping clean and bus tables. We need scouts and adults helping serve and cook food. We need food runners and of course we need help with cleanup. The event is held on 8th St between Oak and Lincoln starting at 5:30 am with setup and will go just until before the parade. Then we will need help after the parade with cleanup and breakdown.

Please come join us for this great community event while representing our Pack and our kids in everything that we are teaching our Scouts. Matt Johnson will be our on the ground leader in charge, see Matt and he will give you some direction. The Pack will earn credits for all Scouts and adults working the event. The Lions Club will present out Pack with a donation based on the amount of people we have working the event and how much money they take in.

I wish you all a great 4th of July and hope that we can have a huge Cub Scout Pack showing at this fun and important community event. Please watch for more specific details to come before the vent.

Thank you,

Dave I. and Matt J.