What's in Store - 1/26/20

Den Meeting: January 29th Time and place may vary

· Each Den’s Leader determines what time and where the Den Meeting will be held so look for an email from him/her to let you know when and where you will meet. They will also say whether to wear Class A or B.

· LION Den – 6-7pm at Old Town Hot Springs - Fun on the Run Badge

Planning Meeting: February 5th from 5:15-6:15pm at Mountain Valley Bank

· This is where we discuss all events Cub Scout, from when to where to how. So if you would like to help with decisions or have something you want to voice, this is the place! Hope to see you there

Diamond Hitch Parade: Feb 9th

· More information to come, but it is in the morning, coffee and donuts will be provided.

Scouting is a "rolling" admission organization, anyone can join at anytime.