What's in Store - 11/10/19

Den Meeting: November 13th Time and place may vary

· Each Den’s Leader determines what time and where the Den Meeting will be held so look for an email from him/her to let you know when and where you will meet. They will also say whether to wear Class A or B.

· LION Den your Den Meetings are now in the Pack Calendar – I have only put in Nov 13 so far but will add it all soon so you can plan ahead and be prepared for every meeting. If you have any questions please direct them to your Den Leaders.

Pack Event: November 16th from 9am-12pm(ish) meet at the Anchor Way Church

· Disappointing turnout for the November 2nd event. With so many Scouts not showing the ones who did had to work very hard to get the flyers to all the houses. Additionally since this is a Scouting Community Service Event that will greatly benefit them as Scouts and our Community we expected Scouts to attend as this, it is part of their Scout Oath!

· The second part to the Scouting Community Service Event is to go back to the neighborhoods where the hangers were hung and gather the food that the community left. Please have your Scouts at this portion as this is the part with heavy lifting and it would be nice if all could help instead of the few who did last week

· We will need 3-5 leaders to volunteer to help run this program as we will now be totting all the food back to the cars.

· Come dressed in complete Class A uniforms

Pack Meeting: November 20th from 6-7pm at Soda Creek Elementary

· Come dressed in complete Class A uniforms

· This meeting will start at 6pm sharp, please be on time

Thanksgiving Break: November 27 - Dec 1

· No Meeting on Nov 27th

· Happy Thanksgiving!