Roles and Responsibilities

Den Leaders - This is probably the Leadership person with the most one-on-one contact with Scouts

and parents. Den Leaders are responsible for a group of 6-8 Scouts and run weekly Den meetings to

work through rank requirements and can sometimes include additional activities to complete rank

advancements or just to do something fun. All parents are, by default, volunteer helpers for the Den

Leaders. Corralling a bunch of 6-11 year old boys isn’t easy, so if a Den Leader asks for help … please


Den Leader positions:

  • Tiger Den Leader
  • Tiger Assistant Den Leader
  • Wolf Den Leader
  • Wolf Assistant Den Leader
  • Bear Den Leader
  • Bear Assistant Den Leader
  • Webelos 1 Den Leader
  • Webelos 1 Assistant Den Leader
  • Webelos 2 Den Leader
  • Webelos 2 Assistant Den Leader

Pack Committee Member - These are parent volunteers who serve on the Leadership Committee to

help set overall policy. From month to month, these members will likely assist with specific tasks (i.e. –

coordinating a Pack activity) as needed. To some extent, our Den Leaders serve on the Leadership

Committee as these at-large members. Pack committee members assist in selecting people for

leadership roles, provide program support, help with charter renewal, supervise finances and

equipment and work closely with the Cubmaster.

Pack Committee Chair – This person conducts the annual pack planning conference and pack

leaders'; meetings, guides the committee in assisting with recommendations for Cubmaster, assistant

Cubmaster and all den leaders, ensures new dens are formed as needed, works with the chartered

organization to provide adequate and safe facilities for pack meetings, cooperates with the Cubmaster

on council-approved money-earning projects and maintains pack records and takes care of the pack

properly. If the Cubmaster is unable to serve, assumes active direction of the pack until a successor is

recruited and registered, appoints a committee member or other registered adult to be responsible for

Youth Protection Training and provides a training program for adult family members.

Chartered Organization Representative – Serves as a member of the chartered organization other

than as the Scouting unit leader or assistant unit leader. Appointed by the chartered organization to

server as its official Scouting representative to the local council. Registered as an adult leader of the


Public Relations Chair - Publicizes and promotes pack activities inside and outside of the pack. Helps

promote Cub Scout recruitment activities including our “Wear your uniform to school” campaign and

others. Helps promote and communicate district, council and pack activities through social media and

other forms of media. Stimulates pack service projects for the chartered organization, school and

community, promotes family participation in all pack events, urges pack participation in appropriate

programs of the chartered organization, publicizes and promotes pack participation in Scouting

Anniversary Week activities, circulates recruiting fliers and leaflets for all ranks. Sends weekly updates

to local newspapers and radio stations to promote scouting activities within the community.

Pack Photographer- Take photographs and video and collect photographs and video from parents,

taken at Cub Scout events. Post photographs and video to the Pack website and social media sites.

Assemble a slideshow for various Pack events, especially the Blue & Gold Banquet.

Popcorn Kernal - This is the annual fundraiser for the Pack and, outside of membership dues, is the

ONLY source of funding for Pack activities. At a minimum, these funds pay for activities and the

badges/awards that Scouts earn during the year. The more popcorn we sell, the more resources we

have for the Pack to underwrite part of the costs of more exciting trips like overnight sleepovers in

Denver. This position does require significant time and organizational skills, but only during the Fall

popcorn sales period.

Service Project Chair – Plans all service projects for the year, coordinating with city council. Oversees

and coordinates volunteers for each specific service project. Keeps track of service project hours

completed and submit to council.

Membership and Re-registration Chair - Membership organizations accumulate paperwork. This is

more of a back-office role to make sure new Scouts and Leaders are registered with the District and

that dues are paid. The busiest period is with Re-chartering in February/March, but this Chair works as

part of a team with the Committee Chair(s) and Treasurer at that time. Outside of the Re-chartering

period, this position may require 1-2 hours per month. This person prepares registration papers and an

annual pack report to the chartered organization, asks the chartered organization representative to

submit a charter application and annual report to the organization for approval, arranges for periodic

uniform inspections with the unit commissioner, helps the Cubmaster and chartered organization

representative plan and conduct the formal charter presentation, conducts an annual census of the

boys in the chartered organization for systematic recruitment, visits new families in their homes to

review the Bobcat requirements and Parent Guide in their son's handbook, works with the Cubmaster

and pack committee to develop and carry out a plan for year-round membership growth.

Training Chair - Cub Scouting offers plenty of training to help everyone manage these jobs more

efficiently. There are some training elements that are required for all leaders – particularly Youth

Protection Training. The Training Chair’s job is to make sure these required elements are completed

(mostly online). It only requires 1-2 hours per month. Nagging skills help.

Assets and Equipment Chair – This person is responsible for soliciting or delegating the solicitation

of donations from local businesses or individuals for new equipment for the pack, maintaining an

inventory of assets and equipment, the appropriate storage of assets and equipment and keeping track

of the use of equipment and it’s return to storage before and following scouting events.

Pack Committee Secretary – The secretary ensures proper records are kept within the pack, helps

handle correspondence for the pack that may include writing letters of appreciation and requests for

reservations and keeps notes on business conducted at Pack Leaders’ meetings. The secretary needs

to stay informed of all Cub Scouting literature, materials, records and forms, show new den

leaders available resources, share with den leaders the content of the Pack Record Book, so leaders

know what information to supply, maintain up-to-date information on membership, leadership,

attendance and advancement in the Pack Record Book, keep an inventory of pack property, handle

correspondence for the pack and provide den leaders with records and forms for meetings.

Pack Committee Treasurer - Helps pack committee and Cubmaster establish a sound financial

program with a pack budget plan, maintains a bank account in the pack's name, arranges for all

transactions to be signed by any two of the following: Cubmaster, pack committee chair, secretary or

treasurer, approves all budget expenditures, collects dues from den leaders at the pack leaders'

meeting, keeps financial records current and is responsible for thrift training within the pack.

Cubmaster – The Cubmaster needs to: Complete Cubmaster Fast Start training and leader position-

specific training, attend monthly roundtables, plan and help carry out the Cub Scout program in the

pack according to the policies of the BSA. This includes leading the monthly pack meeting, with the

help of other leaders. With the pack committee, develop and execute a year-round recruitment plan for

recruiting boys into Cub Scouting. Know about and use the appropriate and available literature,

including the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide, the Webelos Leader Guide, and this resource.

See that the pack program, leaders, and Cub Scouts positively reflect the interests and objectives of

the chartered organization and the BSA. Work with the pack committee on program ideas, selecting

and recruiting adult leaders, and establishing a budget plan. Guide and support den leaders. See that

they receive the required training for their positions. Help organize and encourage graduation into a

Boy Scout troop by establishing and maintaining good relationships with Boy Scout troops. Maintain

good relationships with parents and guardians. Seek their support and include them in activities. See

that Cub Scouts receive a quality, year-round program filled with fun and activities that qualify the dens

and pack for the National Summertime Pack Award. See that the responsibilities specified for the

assistant Cubmaster are carried out. Help the pack committee chair conduct the annual pack program

planning conference and the monthly pack leaders’ meetings. Work as a team with the pack committee

chair to cultivate, educate, and motivate all pack leaders and parents or guardians in Cub Scouting.

Take part in the charter review meeting and annual charter presentation ceremony. Request den chiefs

for all Cub Scout dens and, after selection, see that they are trained. Recognize the den chiefs at pack

meetings. Conduct impressive advancement, recognition, and graduation ceremonies. For Webelos

ceremonies, involve Scoutmasters and other Boy Scout leaders. Meet with the unit commissioner,

Webelos den leader, and Scoutmaster to establish plans for the Webelos Scouts’ transition to Boy

Scouting. Encourage high advancement standards from all Cub Scouts. Help bring families together at

joint activities for Webelos dens (or packs) and Boy Scout troops.

Assistant Cubmaster – An Assistant Cubmaster’s responsibilities is to help the Cubmaster as

needed. Be ready to fill in for the Cubmaster if necessary. Complete Cubmaster Fast Start training and

position-specific Basic Leader Training. Attend monthly roundtables. Participate in pack meetings.

Supervise den chiefs and see that they are trained. Conduct the monthly den chief planning meeting

for all den leaders, assistant den leaders, and den chiefs to plan and coordinate weekly den meetings

and pack meeting participation. Work with neighborhood troops that supply den chiefs and into which

Webelos Scouts may graduate. Along with the pack committee, develop and promote an ongoing plan

for recruiting new boys. Along with the Cubmaster and pack committee, assist with pack reregistration.

Help with pack activities, such as dinners, derbies, bike safety workshops, and service projects. Along

with the pack committee, coordinate outings to see that the pack and dens qualify for the National

Summertime Pack Award. Participate in the annual pack program planning conference and pack

leaders’ meetings.

Technology Chair – Creates and maintains the pack website and other social media sites. Ensures

that leaders have access to the files and forms they need online to fulfil their roles.

Friends of Scouting Chair - Builds an organization to enroll family members and Cub Scout leaders

in Friends of Scouting (FOS), enrolls as a Friend of Scouting, for every five families in the pack,

recruits one person as an enroller, attends an FOS kickoff meeting, trains enrollers, follows up until all

FOS cards have been accounted for.

Journey to Excellence Chair – Journey to Excellence is the BSA’s performance recognition program,

designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of units, districts and

councils. This person’s role is to track the metrics pertaining to Journey to Excellence and report these

to council on an annual basis.

Pack Committee Outdoor Events Chair - Helps the Cubmaster plan and arrange for outdoor

activities, obtains property, fire and tour permits when required, arranges for safe transportation, plans

first aid for emergencies, plan outings to help pack and dens qualify for the National Summertime Pack

Award, helps promote day camp and resident camp opportunities, arranges for Safe Swim Defense

implementation for all outings involving swimming, confirms sickness and accident insurance is in

place, ensures the use of tour permits for all den and pack activities.

The Pack Committee Outdoor Events Chair may oversee coordinators for the following specific events:

Steamboat Lake Outing Coordinator – September

Diamond Hitch Parade Coordinator – February

Sledding Day – April

Spring Camporee – May

4 th of July Parade – July

Pack Committee Indoor Events Chair – This person solicits or delegates the solicitation of food and

other donations from local businesses for major indoor scouting events such as the Blue & Gold

banquet, Winter Party etc., coordinates with the Assets and Equipment Chair for the transportation

from storage, use at events and transportation back from storage of equipment for events.

The Pack Committee Indoor Events Chair may oversee coordinators for the following specific events:

Raingutter Regatta Coordinator – November

Denver Fall Outing – November

Gingerbread Houses – December

Winter Christmas Party – December

Excel Gymnastics – February

Pinewood Derby – February

Blue & Gold Banquet – February

Denver Overnight – March

Rocket Launch – April

Depending on how you slice and dice these roles, there are around 43 different positions that

need to be filled within the pack – almost one per family.