Rocket Launch!!!

Post date: May 7, 2012 9:04:49 PM

Rocket Launch!!!

I hope that your rockets are coming along well in readiness for Wednesday evening's launch event.

Just a few points to make sure we're all on the same page:

  • The start time is 6pm, not 6:30.
  • It will be a potluck, so please bring an easy dish.
  • Rockets are exciting, but can potentially be dangerous. As always, safety is our number one priority. As such, we will need a parent/guardian to assist each child throughout the event and to accompany them whenever they are within the (taped off) launch area. Please also to help us ensure that your and others' children are not running around, out of control, especially near the launch area.

Fingers crossed that this won't happen, but if previous years are any indication, it is highly possible that we will not be able to proceed with launching the rockets on Wednesday if the weather is not on our side. Either rain or wind could easily mean that we have to postpone launch (just ask NASA, happens all the time).

As weather conditions can change quickly, we will not make a final decision until 4pm on the day. At this time, I will send another email, letting you all know if we have a green or a red light, send SMS messages for those that may not have access to email and also update the website ( If these don't work and because my carrier pigeon never returned after that time I sent him to Vegas, feel free to give me a call to check if we're going ahead.

Please note that if we don't go ahead with the rocket launch, we will still be having an (important) meeting inside, we will still be starting at 6pm, but we would not be having the potluck, so try to make something that you'll eat, or can freeze for the following week. In this case, Lisa will be presenting on the "Leave No Trace" badge.

Events and Calendars

Did you know that you don't have to wait for my weekly email to keep up to date on Pack 194 events and details such as start and finish times, what to wear, where the venue is and how to get there etc.?

Here are a few other ways to make sure you're always in the know:

  1. Check the calendar on the front page of the website ( Click on the title for details.
  2. If you use Google Calendar, you can click this link to open our calendar and then add it to yours.
  3. I can add your email address as an invitee whenever I create or change an event in the calendar. This will ensure all scout events are in your calendar and up to date. Please send me your address if you would like to use this option.
  4. If you use a paper-based calendar, these can be updated for a small fee, plus a meal.