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Dues, Other Costs & Donations


How much are dues?

Dues for new scouts are $90 for the year.
Dues for returning scouts are $70 for the year.

What do they pay for?

Annual Dues cover the following costs:

 Annual Cub Scout Dues and Insurance $14.00
 Cub Scout Patch Jacket (optional extra for returning scouts)
 Cub Scout T-Shirt (Class B Uniform) (optional extra for returning scouts)
 Raingutter Regatta Kit (includes race rules and helps)
 $ 4.00
             Awards: First, Second & Third place by den
 $ 1.00
 Pinewood Derby Car Kit (includes race rules and helps)
 $ 4.00
             Awards: First, Second & Third place by den
 $ 1.00
 Rocket Launch Rocket Kit (includes helps and emblems)
             Engines: Type A, Type B (includes igniters and wadding) 
 $ 8.50
 Food and supplies for cookouts
 Blue & Gold Banquet Main Course & Decorations (February)
 $ 7.00
 Achievement or advancement Awards & Emblems
            (Belt loops, awards, patches and pins)

The pack covers a variety of other costs from fundraising and donations, including: Mine Tour, Christmas Party, Howelsen Hill Tubing, Excel Gymnastics, Blue & Gold Banquet etc.


In addition to dues, each scout needs a Field (Class A) uniform and a Utility (Class B) Uniform.

All uniform items can be purchased from either the Western Colorado Council Scout Shop (Phone: 888-248-0045) or the national scout shop. Exceptions are the Council Patch and Den Book, which are also available from the pack).

Below are the individual items that make up the Field (Class A) Uniform. Please note that the prices are indicative and may vary without notice.

 Cub Scout Shirt Blue - Tiger, Bear or Wolf
 Tan - Webelo (long or short sleeve)
 $23 - $40
 Cub Scout Web Belt with buckle
 Blue - Tiger, Bear, Wolf or Webelo $5 - $8
 Neckerchief Orange - Tiger
 Yellow - Wolf
 Blue - Bear
 Plaid - Webelo
 Neckerchief Slide
 Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelo
 World Crest Emblem Patch
 All $1.50
 Red Unit Number Patches
 Need 3 individual patches - "1", "9" & "4"
 $1.25 each
 Council Patch
 Western Colorado Council
 Den Book
 Tiger, Bear, Wolf or Webelo
 Optional Cap, pants/shorts & socks

Further information about the uniforms for each den can be found on our uniforms pages:

The Tiger Uniform
The Wolf Uniform
The Bear Uniform
The Webelos Uniform


Pack 194 runs lean and efficiently. We don't charge large fees to parents, as we want cub scouting to be available to as many boys as possible.

Similarly, we don't spend a lot of money. Scout leaders are volunteers and generally parents themselves. Our activities usually cost little or no money, only sweat, elbow grease and imagination.

There are several activities and events however that require specific equipment. For some of these events we currently borrow equipment from people or businesses. There are also some events we can't undertake due to equipment not being available.

We would really appreciate any donation, large or small, so that we may make scouting even more enjoyable for Steamboat's boys.

Checks can be sent to:

PO Box 772514
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Thanks again,

Pack 194 Leaders