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JungleQuest - Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

posted Nov 7, 2011, 1:33 PM by Unknown user
Hi again all,
Sorry for sending two emails in one day, but I needed to get the finalized details out to those coming to JungleQuest on Friday. If you're not coming, feel free to delete this message now. ...  No really, please delete it, because I lightly insult you further down in this email, ... so please stop reading!!

OK, so now I've got just the JungleQuesters out there, here's the details:

We'll have a caravan of cars gathering in the Steamboat Safeway car park at 8:15am. We need a volunteer head driver. If you'll be in a caravan, we will also need to know the make, model & year for your car and a cellphone number, so we can keep a track of everybody. Please enter those details into this form, or just send them to me if that's easier. 

Those with a CB or two-way radio, we'll be on channel 15.

The caravan will be leaving at 8:30am, have a quick break in Silverthorne at the south parking lot at Target. then continue on to Littleton, where, according to MapQuest, we'll arrive at 11:43am. 

For those not in the convoy, the directions to get to JungleQuest arehere and we'll meet you at 11:43am for a picnic lunch in the parking area until noon, when the adventure begins!!  We'll Jungle out until 2pm with departure to your final destination at that time.

Please RSVP if you have not already signed-up. It's not too late, but the last day to RSVP is Wednesday 11/9/11.

Cost is $14 per 1 1/2 hour Jungle time.

I can feel the buzz already!!

John Kitchen
Pack 194 Communications