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Diamond Hitch Parade, Blue and Gold Banquet & Photos and Videos

posted Feb 13, 2012, 8:04 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 13, 2012, 8:27 AM ]

Diamond Hitch Parade

Wow! What a great day yesterday was.

Thanks go to Lisa and the others who helped organize the day (and for the donuts!).

Thanks to the kids for being so patient waiting for the parade to start. By the way, who's got folding chairs, a portable entertainment system and a good DVD library for next year?.

And a special thanks goes to Dave Ince for providing his snowmobiles and making sure the parade went off without a hitc... I mean, went off with two hi... oh, never mind.

Blue & Gold Banquet

The festivities are just winding up though, because don't forget that our Blue & Gold Banquet is only two days away! 6:30pm to around 9pm Wednesday at the Middle School. Let us know if you don't know what you've been allocated for potluck. We look forward to seeing you there!

Photos & Videos

Thanks to Sally Lambert for the picture above. Which reminds me, I saw several of you out there taking shots and footage and we'd like to start creating an archive of photos & videos from scouting events, so everyone can enjoy them.

Did you take photos or video yesterday or at any past event? We'd love to see them.

Please send photos or videos to / We would like photos in the highest resolution possible please, so if they're too large to email, just upload them here, or bring a CD in to the next meeting.

Then subscribe to our pages (Google+ & YouTube) to be notified when new photos/videos are available.

Please note that we have made efforts to ensure that all parents are comfortable with photos of their children being posted for public viewing, including encouraging all parents to sign a waiver form. Please contact me if you have not yet signed a waiver form, are uncomfortable in general with photos/videos being posted of your child, or are uncomfortable with a specific photo/video that has been posted online.

See you Wednesday!

John Kitchen