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109th Annual Cowboys’ Roundup Days July 4th Parade

posted Jun 25, 2012, 11:11 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 25, 2012, 11:12 AM ]
Hi there Boy and Cub Scout families!

I'm writing to you because one of the best events of the year for our scouts is in danger of not happening.

I don't know about your scouts, but for mine, being part of a parade down Main Street with thousands of people waving and cheering from the side of the road (I'm talking about the Winter Carnival here) was just too exciting for words and missing out on doing it all again next week would be a real pity.

The reason that it may not happen is simply that all of the wonderful dedicated leaders you and I normally rely upon to organize these types of things are/will be out of town or have other things they can't get out of. 

For this reason, I've put my hand up to coordinate the planning, organizing and the running of the event on the day, however I have never been involved in the running of a parade before, or even seen a 4th of July parade for that matter. So if this is going to happen, I will need a lot of help. That's why I writing to you.

We won't be starting from scratch however. Mark from American Towing has kindly offered a flatbed with tow truck and driver for the event and the initial idea is to show a range of scouting activities such as camping, canoeing, fishing etc. and have canoes, tents, fishing poles etc. on the float. All we need to do is brainstorm that and some other ideas for the float, build and decorate it and turn up on the day with scouts in tow.

This will be a combined Pack/Troop event, so it's also a good opportunity to get to know parents and scouts from the 'other side'.

I propose that we do the following:

Planning Meeting
This Wednesday 6/27 at 6:30pm in the basement of Holy Name Church on Oak Street.
All cub and boy scout parents are invited to attend.
Scouts themselves are invited (but not required) to attend. I don't know about you, but my kids are much more creative and inventive than me, I'm just here to tell them what's practical and what's not.
If you have an idea or something to contribute, but can't make it to the meeting, there will be a conference call you can join. Contact me for the details.

Building / Decorating
The flatbed will be available for us to build/decorate on the afternoon of Tues 7/3.
We may decide to do something simple, in which case that afternoon should be enough.
If we decide to do something more elaborate with some WOW!! factor (my preference), we will need to start earlier. Perhaps this weekend and/or at the normal Troop meeting on Monday 7/2.

Here's my initial thoughts on an agenda for the planning meeting:
  • Brainstorm ideas for the float. The theme is "Float the Boat: Red, White & Yampa Blue" (Should that be Yampa Brown, given the current water levels?). The criteria are: as fun, creative and inventive as possible, practical, relevant to both the theme of the parade and scouting, able to be completed within the time frame, safe and won't get us arrested.
  • What to wear - I suggest we make a late determination of whether to wear Class As or Class Bs, depending on the weather. I also think it would be good to incorporate the parade theme into what is worn and that we are all consistent (makes for a much better look).
  • Procuring props. If it's just canoes, kayaks, tents, fishing poles etc. we can probably get these together from our own garages, otherwise, this town is full of generous business owners. We just need to give them a call or stop in the see them. Displaying their signage on the float shouldn't be an issue if it's not too big/distracting.
  • A Cheer - We'll need a cheer for the scouts to make during the parade. We'll need to rehearse it before the parade starts and keep reminding the scouts to be as loud as possible (although that last bit's not necessary for my son Sam).
  • Live video streaming of the event and/or collection and collation of video recordings and photos taken at the event. This is something we can all enjoy, but particularly so that Izaac can feel as much a part of the parade as possible.
  • Contingency planning
  • Water guns? / Portable pool?
Event Day
The parade starts at 10:00am. 
Parade check-in starts at 8:15am and finishes at 9:30am on Yampa Avenue, between 5th and 6th streets.
We don't need to be in formation the whole time (the wait for the start was an issue during Winter Carnival), but we do need to be in formation and ready to do by 9:30.
I'm still not sure what date the 4th of July parade is on. If someone finds out, can you let me know?

If you're still reading this message, thank you. I thank you even more if you are able to help, even in a small way, make this happen.

John Kitchen
Communications, Pack 194